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Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Annabelle Collins. My husband and I live in a large house with our two teenage children. We’re fortunate in that we’re able to have a cleaning service come and clean on a weekly basis. In the past, I found that it was difficult for me to exert myself when it came to hiring and communicating with our cleaning service. I’ve never been very authoritative, and that shone through in a not good way. I wanted things to be done in a certain way, but found it difficult to ask for what I wanted. I have come to realize that in order for the service to do the job I want to be done, I have to ask for it to happen. I doubt that I’m alone in the fact that this is difficult, and want to share my experience and growth.


Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

4 Signs That Your Masonry Needs Serious Repair

by Vicki Burns

Your home's masonry is structural and may experience wear over time. As your masonry cracks and settles, it can lead to issues inside of and around your home. If you've started noticing signs around your home that something is amiss, it could mean that you need significant masonry repair.

1. Cracks Are Occurring Inside of Your Home

As masonry cracks and shifts, it begins to impact the structure inside of your house. One of the first signs will often be cracks in the drywall. This can also happen due to leaks. If water is getting in through your masonry, it could cause the wood inside of your home to swell. Ultimately this will also lead to cracking. 

2. Bricks Are Cracked or Bulging

Outside of your home, damaged masonry will usually be visible. Individual bricks may have cracked or started bulging out; this is a sign that something more serious is going on. In a brick structure, every brick is important, and a single brick can be bearing a significant load. Once these bricks begin to crumble, the entire structure will start to get progressively more damaged.

Some bricks may get crushed altogether, in which case you may be able to replace them. Otherwise, you may need to have part of your masonry rebuilt from scratch, to support the surrounding structure.

3. Mortar Has Started to Fall Apart

Mortar is the material that's between bricks. After some time, mortar may begin to crack or shift itself. The cycling of weather can do this: if it gets hot and then cold, the swelling and shrinking of material can wear the mortar away. Once the mortar has started to disintegrate, the bricks will start to rub up against each other. Eventually, this can cause some significant damage.

4. Windows and Doors Don't Fit Correctly

When a home's structure starts to shift, this often causes problems around doorways and windows. You may find that doorways are swinging open, that they won't shut, or that they're simply sticking more often. For windows, you may find that they won't open and close easily, or they may eventually shatter.

This is a fairly important sign, because it means the entirety of the home's structure has started to shift because of the issues with the masonry. If this isn't addressed, the problem will continue to get worse, and eventually there may be a major structural failure.

If there are any issues with the masonry of your home, it's time to contact a repair service like A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep. These issues can become more serious over time.