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Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Annabelle Collins. My husband and I live in a large house with our two teenage children. We’re fortunate in that we’re able to have a cleaning service come and clean on a weekly basis. In the past, I found that it was difficult for me to exert myself when it came to hiring and communicating with our cleaning service. I’ve never been very authoritative, and that shone through in a not good way. I wanted things to be done in a certain way, but found it difficult to ask for what I wanted. I have come to realize that in order for the service to do the job I want to be done, I have to ask for it to happen. I doubt that I’m alone in the fact that this is difficult, and want to share my experience and growth.


Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

Real Estate Purchase Contract Tips To Help You Manage And Repair Your Home Roof And Gutters

by Vicki Burns

When you buy a house, there are many components and systems that need to work properly and be in good repair to keep your property well maintained and its value sustained. The management and maintenance of your property's roof and gutter drainage system are an essential piece to keeping your property free of moisture problems, and you can begin this management prior to purchasing the property. Here are some tips to help you manage the home purchase contract to take care of the roof and gutters of your new home purchase.

Submit a Purchase Offer 

When you make the initial offer to purchase a home, you can include specific wording and addenda to protect you during the purchase while you inspect for any problems in the property. Submit an inspection deadline for the home, then you can hire a professional inspector to thoroughly check and report on the home's various areas. This needs to be completed before the inspection deadline to provide you time to renegotiate the terms of the purchase contract if you find any areas amiss.

Hire the Inspection

For the home's roof, your hired inspection will look at the top of the roof and its shingles to verify their condition, then look at the attic space, interior insulation, rafters, eaves and roof overhang, and the gutters and downspouts. Any problems they find they will submit to you with photos and other details.

For example, your inspector finds that the gutter and downspouts are aging and have holes and cracks throughout and are sagging in some areas. This has caused water to drain from the edges of the gutters and upon the soil around the home. As a result, some areas of the foundation walls have begun to leak into the interior of the home's basement, causing mold growth behind the finished drywall.

At this point, you need to renegotiate the purchase contract with the seller to request they repair the leaking gutters before you close on the home. You can also ask the seller to lower their price, then get an estimate of the required work from a roofing professional and request to lower the price by the same amount. For example, request a professional estimate to replace the entire gutter system with new clog-free seamless gutters made of flexible and long-lasting weather resistant aluminum or copper. Your gutter professional will recommend a price for the gutter's replacement and you will have documentation to backup your price adjustment.

Your gutter professional will be able to properly and completely remove the old gutter system and install a new one for your newly-purchased home. This will ensure any moisture problems in the foundation caused by the gutters will be eliminated. For more information, contact companies like Clinton Seamless Guttering.