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Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Annabelle Collins. My husband and I live in a large house with our two teenage children. We’re fortunate in that we’re able to have a cleaning service come and clean on a weekly basis. In the past, I found that it was difficult for me to exert myself when it came to hiring and communicating with our cleaning service. I’ve never been very authoritative, and that shone through in a not good way. I wanted things to be done in a certain way, but found it difficult to ask for what I wanted. I have come to realize that in order for the service to do the job I want to be done, I have to ask for it to happen. I doubt that I’m alone in the fact that this is difficult, and want to share my experience and growth.


Hiring and Communicating with a Home Cleaning Service

    3 Things You Can Do to Help Control Your Mouse Problem

    Mice can be a huge problem, even though they are small creatures. They can destroy your food and make it inedible. They can chew on your wiring and just overall cause chaos in your house. If you think that you have mice, you want to do everything you can to control the problem, get rid of them, and keep them from coming back. Call an exterminator to come out to your house and set up traps to get rid of the mice and to advise you on things that you can do that will help you get rid of them.

    Picking the Right Sofa

    Choosing a new sofa for your house is a perfect opportunity for you to create a great living space in your home. You want to seize the moment and pay attention to the features a sofa offers and choose one that is going to really help you transform your home. Here are some of the features a sofa can have that may end up being right for your home, your family, and your visitors: 

    Is Your Daughter Moving Out Of State For College? 2 Custom Gifts To Give Your Daughter

    If you have a daughter who is graduating high school and is going away to a college out of state, you are probably both feeling a lot of feelings about the upending move. To help both of you accept the exciting news and celebrate such a big accomplishment, there are a few different gifts that you may want to consider getting them right before they pack up their bags and leave.

    How to Know It's Time for Window Replacements

    Windows are a very important part of your home. Much like your roof, they help to protect your home and keep elements outside where they belong. Windows won't last forever and there may come a time when you need to update your windows and invest in window replacements. You may be wondering how to tell when that time has come. Keep reading to better understand the warning signs that point to the need for new windows in your house:

    Questions You May Have When Your Plumber Recommends a Water Softener

    Has your plumber recommended a water softener after visiting your home? Chances are, you have a few questions. It's not often someone suggests you install an appliance you've been living without for many years, so it is understandable that you have a few questions. Hopefully, you will discover the answers you're looking for in this FAQ article. 1. What did the plumber see that prompted them to install a water softener?

    Why Put Antique Bedroom Furniture In Your Home?

    If you have been wanting to invest in beautiful bedroom pieces for some time, it's time to consider how antique bedroom furniture can benefit you. Here are reasons to have this type of furniture put into your home, whether you are just wanting to put antique bedroom furniture in one room or all the bedrooms you have. You make your room more classic Do you want to give your home a more classic flair?

    3 Finishes To Pick When Choosing Your Granite Countertops

    Granite continues to remain one of the most popular types of materials used for countertops because it's durable, beautiful, and more affordable than other stone like marble. Once you pick the type of granite that you want, you may think that your job is done, but there are a few other considerations to make before the installer comes to your house.  1. The Thickness Before you have your granite countertops ordered, you will need to decide the thickness that you want them to be.

    Child Going To College? 7 Tools To Help With Dorm Life

    Whether your graduate is headed off to school on the other side of the country or a college just down the road, they need to have a few basic tools to keep their dorm life humming. What sort of tools should every kid take with them to the first chapter of their adult life? Here are seven of the most important that you can find at any hardware store. 1. Hammer